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Algarve is elected by Forbes as the best destination to live and retire after the Corona Virus.

April 05, 2020
3 min

Because the sun continues to rise and our beaches remain charming! We are sure that this will pass and that we will soon be together again, but it is always good to know that we are not the only ones to think that way. The recognition came largely, chosen by Forbes as the best destination to live and retire after the Corona Virus.

But, after all, what does the Algarve have?

There are several reasons that led the Algarve to occupy the first position in this research. Let's mention only the main ones mentioned in the report:

  1. The sun - the cilma is one of the great attractions of the region that has, on average, 300 days of sunshine a year that result in tireless “sunshines” and “wonderful sunsets” and infinite doses of Vitamin D.
  2. Security - What's the use of beautiful landscapes if we can't explore them freely? Portugal is the third safest country in the world, and we are not the ones to say, who says that is the Global Peace Index (GPI), a report produced annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, a non-profit international research entity based in Australia .
  3. Cost of living - Is it difficult to believe that a country with the qualities we have already mentioned above can still have one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, do you agree? But it is true, a couple can live here with just € 1300 euros, and can still have a very comfortable life with € 2000.
  4. Retirement incentives - The country offers residency options for those who earn over 1200 euros of retirement, validating what we have just mentioned about the low cost of living.

The article still cites other highly relevant points and we agree with all of them, we would just like to add one more that could not have been left out:

Portuguese - The Algarve is almost predominantly geared towards tourism and the people are very receptive and prepared to welcome foreigners and most of them speak not only English, but also French and Spanish, and do not mind using these skills , with all good will, everything so that your experience is the best possible.

See the full article:

Parabens Algarve!

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