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Portugal - A success story

May 27, 2020
3 min

The worldwide recognition of the way that Portugal faced COVID-19 is notorious, the international praise seems to have no end and is in no way exaggerated, the country maintains an exemplary strategy towards the academy and the support of the population has been a source of pride for all .

The fruits are already being harvested, the state of emergency has ended and a gradual deflation began: first small shops reopened; the following week the restaurants and beaches and if everything continues to go well, in June the other establishments, such as bars and shopping centers that are still closed, should reestablish their activities.

In April the numbers already attested to the Portuguese success and showed that the country was ready for the next step, in the first half of the month the country already had 599 deaths, which represents only 5.5% per 100,000 inhabitants, a percentage much lower than that of most countries in the Europe.

But what's the secret?

There is no secret ... the country's strategy has always been very clear. The political measures adopted were crucial to this success, the parties joined the government of António Costa forming a single and strong front. Economic packages were created to support businesspeople and the general population and temporary residence permits were granted to foreigners in an irregular situation, guaranteeing access to health care for all.

For the success to be total, only the population would need to support. And in this moment of difficulty, the hospitality and solidarity of the Portuguese, who voluntarily confined themselves before the state of emergency was decreed, and did not stop there, the population “embraced” health professionals, firefighters, volunteers, opened their homes, offered their extra rooms to those who need the well-deserved rest. The hotels followed suit, opened their doors to receive those who put themselves at risk to help others, what a beautiful example of union that the country gave to the world.

In this month in which Portugal turns 841, congratulations are doubled, congratulations on its anniversary, on its trajectory, on its history and even greater congratulations on its people who once again proved that unity is strength!

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